The Wild Story

Wild Dough Co is a boutique playdough company that is passionate about inspiring little imaginations.
Wild Dough is the brain child of Mel, a mum who was juggling a newborn and a 2 year old. She was looking for a quality, long-lasting playdough product that was soft enough for her 2 year old daughters little hands to manipulate by herself.
When she couldn't find any to buy, she worked on her own recipe and created her own soft dough. This ended up being her saving grace in those first few months of her newborns life, as this homemade playdough kept her daughter entertained for hours, everyday. Mel then started Wild Dough Co as she wanted to share her creation with other mums out there that may be having the same problems with store bought dough.
Wild Dough Co started from Mel’s home kitchen and has been moved into a purpose built “dough room” where the Wild Dough in every jar is still handmade today.
She’s created a fun, informative “play” following on instagram sharing playdough activities and inspiration for other mums, has been nominated as a finalist in 3 categories in the 2019 Ausmumpreneur Awards and is stocked by beautiful stores all over Australia.