Our Wild Story

We have always loved playdough in our household, it’s a fun sensory activity that with a little imagination, can take you anywhere. Not to mention it’s also an important developmental tool for little hands (this makes me happy as a mum). Playdough became an extremely important activity for as when we welcomed our 2nd baby into the family. It was my go-to activity to keep our 2.5yr old busy and happy whilst I was preoccupied with our new baby.

But I got so tired of how quickly the store-bought playdough dried out, we only ever got a few plays out of it and it was really never the same after it was first opened. It was very stiff and not easy for little hands to work with so I’d constantly be asked to roll it out for her (not the easiest task whilst feeding a newborn!)

There was a day in the early stages with our new bub when I was in desperate need for a quiet activity for our 2.5yr old, but all of our playdough had dried out. That day I couldn't face a trip to the shops with both kids, and I remembered that mum used to make playdough for us when we were young (I grew up on a farm where these kinds of things weren’t easily accessible.) So, I channelled my own mother and made my daughter some playdough. I was so happy with how it turned out. We played with it over and over, and I couldn't believe how long it lasted.

I started changing the recipe, trying to work out a way to make it softer and last longer. My daughter loved our new homemade playdough so much, and I loved it because I knew what ingredients had gone into it, they were safe, non-toxic, child friendly. Plus, it was so soft that she could easily squash and roll it herself, I’d finally hit the perfect balance of soft, pliable and long-life.

We experimented with adding beautiful scents, and I could make any colour her little heart desired. We had created the most wonderful sensory and tactile play activity that neither of us could get enough of.

So it was purely from a place of love for my daughter and need for myself to give her an activity that she loved doing and didn't require me to assist, that Wild Dough was born.

Every jar of Wild Dough playdough is luxuriously soft, deliciously scented, beautifully coloured and handmade with love, in Melbourne, Australia.


I hope you love Wild Dough as much as we do!

Mel xo