What makes Wild Dough different from usual store-bought playdough?

Wild Dough is handmade in Australia with quality non-toxic ingredients giving you peace of mind that you know it is safe for your child. It is made using our own recipe which makes it super soft and malleable making it easier for little hands to work with it than store bought playdough. And it's really long lasting, up to 6 months if it is cared for as per the instructions it comes with.

We also scent each colour with a different delicious smell which enhances the whole sensory experience. We are a small business and each jar is handmade with love which means you'll be getting the best product possible, and we'll be doing a happy dance for every order that comes in!

How Big are the jars?

Wild Dough is available in 2 sizes. Small Jars hold 130g of playdough whilst Regular jars hold 280g of playdough. 

Why is Playdough so good for kids?

It's not only a great exploration tool but also has multiple benefits in playing with it. It provides a wonderful tactile learning experience.

Children are instinctively drawn to activities like squeezing, poking, pinching, squashing, picking it up and patting it down. As they do, they develop their dexterity, strengthening their fingers and wrists, and working on important hand-eye and arm-body co-ordination skills.

Aside from all the learning opportunities, there is also just something very therapeutic and calming about playing with playdough.

Can you eat Wild Dough Playdough?

Playdough is a toy and not for consumption. 

How long does Wild Dough Playdough last?

Providing your care for the playdough as recommended then it will keep for 6 months, the better care you take of it to keep it fresh (see next question) the longer it will last. 

 How do I keep my Wild Dough Playdough fresh?

Play with it often and always put back in sealed jar after play. Store in a cool dark place. If dough dries out give it a good knead with your hands and if required add a few drops of water and continue kneading to restore softness. If the dough is heated or left in light the colours could change, usually it just needs a good knead to restore a consistent colour through it.

My child has allergies, can they still play with it?

Gluten - Wild Dough does contain flour.. 

Nuts, Dairy, Eggs, Soy - Wild Dough does not contain any of these however it is handmade in a facility that does contain these items. Whilst the upmost care is taken to prepare Wild Dough in a clean nut/dairy/egg/soy-free environment cross-contamination could occur.  

The colour of my Playdough is slightly different from what I see online:

While we work hard to produce consistent colours with what you see on our website, there could be slight variations due to monitor and phone colours as well as the postage environment. If the playdough has been in high heat (say a hot day) during postage the colour could change, it just needs a good knead and it will return to it's original colour. 

If you have any other questions that aren't listed here please contact us via social media or email us direct at hello@wilddoughco.com - we'd be glad to answer them.